Our boat is open again every day until November 10th, including Sundays and public holidays.
Please note the currently valid Corona regulations and wear mouth and nose protection in the submarine and keep a minimum distance of 1.50m from other visitors.
We are looking forward to your visit!

The submarine team

  Sumarine Type XXI
Lenght   76,7 m
Displacement   on water: 1.621 t
submerged: 1.819 t
Width   7,6 m
Height   11,3 m
Diving depth   regular: 220 m
maximum operating depth: 330m
Crew   58 men
Engine   2x MAN 6-Zyl. Diesel,  4.000 PS
2x SSW double electric engines, 5.000 PS
2x SSW electric engines for creepspeed, 226 PS
Operating range   on water: 15.500 sm, 10 kn
submerged: 340 sm, 5kn
Weapons   6 torpedo tubes, 23 torpedos
2 x 2 cm Zwillingsflak

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