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Exhibition in the U-Boot Wilhelm Bauer, entry hall



The history about Wilhelm Bauer and the U-Boot pioneers



Technical details of the U-Boot Wilhelm Bauer



Open from March 15th – November 10th daily, also on Sundays and public holidays!


Explore an original WW II submarine in the museum harbour of Bremerhaven.

This type of submarine was the first ever capable to complete a whole mission submerged, by maintaining a relatively high speed. It revolutionized the submarine design worldwide.

The submarine “Wilhelm Bauer” has never been in combat. It was scuttled by the own crew near the end of WW II.

1957 it was salvaged and after refit used as a training vessel in the Federal German Navy.

Be astonished about the technology and experience the narrowness 58 men had to stand, surrounded by the pressure of the water…

At the same time we want to remind of the horror of war and plead for a peaceful use of technology - for the maintenance of peace.

Some pictures are better than words, here are a few insides of the submarine. We would like to welcome you on board.

 Autobahn (Highway) A27 to exit "Bremerhaven-Zentrum", then follow the signs "Havenwelten" and "Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum".



In the entrance hall of the U-Boot, there are informations about the history of submarines, the Type XXI series and the U2540. Similarly, technical details of the XXI series, but also general functions of a submarine are presented. Here your tour through the U-Boot will start.


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